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With a lot of know-how and experience, we find suitable solutions and move companies forward.

Laravel Agentur.

Full service for everything around Laravel

We support our customers end-to-end: starting with the planning of the project, through the development to the operation and support of the web apps.

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Perfectionism was yesterday, speed is today

An important trend in development and digitalisation is the shift from lengthy and detailed strategies to agile and fast solutions. An important strategy to develop more efficiently and cost-effectively is early testing using MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) or PoCs (Proof of Concept) with real customers. Through frequent iterations and adjustments to customer feedback, problems can be identified and fixed early on.

In order to create high-quality products, a resilient architecture is necessary that allows for the development of maintainable and changeable software. Comprehensive quality assurance (Q&A) and documentation are also part of our standard.

Agile project management

By using agile methods such as sprints and kanban, we design the workflow flexibly and can react quickly to changes.

By working in short development cycles, so-called sprints, we can divide the project into small parts and focus on the most important functions. This leads to a more efficient and cost-effective development process, as we don't get lost in details and get to the final product faster.

The collaboration and communication via Jour Fixes and tools like Slack zwinsch and our clients also promotes the quality of the end product.

Project managment in Laravel Web Development.

Our web projects are durable, maintainable and secure. With Laravel, we rely on a widely used, battle-tested framework that is also used at enterprise level.

The internet runs with Php and MySql - and very often with Laravel.
Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel

Join the list of companies that already use Laravel.

Laravel is used by renowned companies and countless hidden champions.

Why are we the right Laravel agency for your project?

Justified question.

For us, Laravel is not a framework that we offer to expand our portfolio. We are specialised in Laravel and object-oriented programming with PHP and deliberately offer nothing else.

With this knowledge, we confidently position ourselves as experts for Laravel-based web apps.

Why is Laravel a good choice?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks and has established itself in recent years. The framework offers numerous advantages that make it suitable for many application areas and industries. It comes with numerous functions out of the box and thus saves a lot of time and effort. Its active community has produced projects such as Statamic, a CMS solution based on Laravel that is currently used by the publishing house DER SPIEGEL.

For which projects is Laravel suitable?

We use Laravel because it is suitable for projects of any size or complexity. Depending on the requirements of the project, we combine it with other technologies.

  • With Statamic, to enable content management in addition to business logic.

  • With Laravel Nova, to implement small projects especially quickly, yet with high quality.

  • With Laravel Livewire, you can develop interactive and reactive web applications that offer a seamless user experience.

  • Headless, as a pure backend that provides an API or is used to automate data.

Laravel is efficient

With Laravel, common tasks that occur in most web projects can be implemented more simply and yet in a very high-quality and robust way. This makes the development process more efficient. We as web developers can thus concentrate on developing the actual business logic of the project.

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework developed by Taylor Otwell and intended for web application development. Since its introduction in 2011, Laravel has been described as one of the most popular backend frameworks.

In this case, "maintenance costs" refers to the annual updates of the Laravel version, any necessary update of the PHP version and the updating of dependencies (third-party packages).

When a project is under active development or support, the annual fixed costs are minimised because the updating of third-party packages is done during ongoing development.

Larger updates such as the Laravel major version update or a PHP version update can be completed within one person day for small to medium-sized projects (information without guarantee).

Small Laravel projects (e.g. up to 100 users) can already be run on very small and inexpensive web servers. As a rule, such a server (also called a "bucket") can be booked for less than 20€ net per month.

Of course, these costs can increase if the project places special demands on the hardware. We will be happy to advise you on the specific case and make appropriate recommendations.

How to start a Laravel project?

For your project to be successful, planning and project management is necessary. We have described here what preparation is necessary and useful for a successful project:

How to start a software project.

Our Laravel Portfolio

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