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Laravel Agency

Expertise in Laravel. For web apps that drive your business forward.

We develop digital solutions - customised for your company and your customers.

Whether web applications, mobile apps or CMS systems, we ensure that they are tailored precisely to your needs and those of your target group.

Long Term Support or Project based
Solider Code for longevity

Smoothly functioning software alone is no longer enough. Software must also be user-friendly and durable. And that's exactly what we offer - our software doesn't just work, it solves problems, is expandable and independent of us. We emphasise good code and a solid architecture to ensure the longevity of your project. To achieve this, we rely on the modern open-source PHP framework Laravel. It enables us to create flexible, expandable and user-friendly solutions.

Your data is hosted securely on servers in Germany or within the EU that you own - and we provide you with expert administrative support. We stand for transparent advice and pragmatic, reliable solutions. With us, you will not only find technical expertise, but also a partner who understands and implements the values and requirements of your company.

We provide you with competent and reliable support on these topics, from concept to operation

No matter what challenge you want to solve digitally - we will find a solution. As a highly specialised team, we develop and operate solutions for numerous industries.

Our solutions range from document management for tax consultants or document creation for safety documentation for construction projects to online converters that automatically transfer entire online shops to Shopify.

WebApps offer the opportunity to reach users on all platforms.

Develop once and be accessible on all devices (Windows, MacOs, iOS, Android).

We use Laravel as a solid backend which contains the business logic and design the frontend according to your needs.

Your business is unique and rarely does one programme solve all your problems. We develop the interface between your systems and ensure smooth data transfer.

More about our automation products.

The Laravel-based CMS Statamic is ideal for large websites that need to be fast and user-friendly.

We support you with the migration to Statamic, the relaunch or the new development.

More about Statamic CMS

Do you already have an existing Laravel project and need support?

We take over existing projects, develop them further and provide support with current to-dos.

Projektmanagment: Jour Fixe Videocall.

What sets us apart

We attach great importance to transparency in our advice and always act in your best interests. From conception to implementation and operation, we are at your side. We are open with you about potential risks and problems, because your success is important to us.

Our aim is to create clear responsibilities and achieve outstanding results. To avoid artificial dependencies, we host your product on your own server from day 1, so you have full access to the source code.

At Pretzels, as your quality implementation partner, we stand for a unique mix of expertise, honesty, organisation, technical modernity and a pragmatic approach.

We value open communication, even if this means constructively saying "no" and explaining potential risks.

Effective project management is the core of our work. Experience shows that the success of a software project depends largely on its organisation.

We take confidentiality and data protection very seriously and consistently adhere to the GDPR. We continuously invest in our knowledge in these areas. We are also committed to climate protection by using green electricity and relying on sustainable, refurbished hardware.

A long-term, trust-based collaboration is important to us, in which we always focus our processes and structures on the success of our customers.

More about us.

We pursue an agile approach to software development by dividing projects into small, manageable milestones. We regularly discuss these with you in jour fixes. Working in such 'sprints' enables us to react flexibly to change requests and ensures targeted development.

More about how we work.

Webapp Planung in Jira (Gantt Chart).

We look forward to getting to know you and your project!

Laravel Framework.

Why Laravel is the ideal choice

Laravel, a free and open-source PHP web framework developed by Taylor Otwell, has established itself as one of the most popular backend frameworks since its launch in 2011. Its strengths lie in its suitability for projects of any size and complexity, combined with a wide range of functions that save time and effort.

Areas of application for Laravel

Thanks to its flexibility, Laravel is ideal for a wide range of applications and industries. Particularly noteworthy are:

  1. As a backend for apps and progressive web apps (PWAs): Laravel provides a solid foundation for mobile applications and PWAs, with powerful APIs and a flexible architecture. Combined with Laravel Nova, a standardised and powerful dashboard can be provided with little effort while the frontend is fully optimised by UI/UX and tailored to the customer.

  2. Corporate websites or microsites for lead generation: Statamic is a CMS that is based on Laravel, is very user-friendly and can be used flexibly: For large and extensive corporate websites or for small landing pages and microsites for lead generation. Statamic is used by publishers such as DER SPIEGEL.

  3. Internal data processing and order management with Laravel Nova: Ideal for smaller projects that need to be implemented quickly and with high quality. More about Laravel Nova.

  4. Laravel Livewire: Enables the development of interactive and responsive web applications that provide a seamless user experience. Ideal for the development of online platforms.

  5. Headless approaches: For pure backend solutions that provide APIs or serve to automate data. More about our automation solutions.

Efficiency through Laravel

Laravel simplifies common tasks in web projects, which leads to a more efficient development process. As developers, we can concentrate on implementing the actual business logic. Laravel's active community also contributes to efficiency by creating and continuously developing projects such as Statamic.

Frequently asked questions

As a matter of course! We work closely with our customers and rely on regular feedback. Changes are possible during the development process, but can affect the time frame and costs.

Quality controls, code reviews, automated and manual tests and user feedback ensure that the software meets the defined standards.

In this case, "maintenance costs" refers to the annual updates of the Laravel version, any necessary update of the PHP version and the updating of dependencies (third-party packages).

When a project is under active development or support, the annual fixed costs are minimised because the updating of third-party packages is done during ongoing development.

Larger updates such as the Laravel major version update or a PHP version update can be completed within one person day for small to medium-sized projects (information without guarantee).

Ready to start?

With us, you have a reliable partner at your side who offers secure, high-quality and plannable software solutions.

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