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Your new website: Intuitive and fast thanks to Statamic

Statamic CMS is based on Laravel, is fast, secure and flexible to use: for your next project, for example.


Statamic impresses with its intuitive and easy-to-use control panel.


Statamic is built on Laravel: This gives it a solid and secure foundation.


It can be used as a CMS for content maintenance but also for special purposes, e.g. to create offers or business reports including calculations.

Why Statamic?

Content maintenance can be time-consuming, frustrating and technically demanding. Content is often not updated because the software is too complicated or you would have to involve the developer.

Content maintenance must be easy. The goal must be to make website content maintenance quick and easy. It needs a solution that makes website maintenance a breeze and frees you to focus on what's important: creating and managing great content.

Welcome to Statamic. Statamic is the perfect solution for corporate websites and web apps where content needs to be adjusted frequently. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive editing environment, you can update your content effortlessly.

Whether it's simple text changes, adding images or creating new pages, Statamic makes it easy.

Statamic Dashboard.

What is Statamic? The future-proof and scalable CMS

Statamic is a CMS that is easy to use and at the same time enormously comprehensive and powerful.

An important part of the Statamic success story is the adaptation of Statamic at the news magazine DER SPIEGEL. Statamic was chosen as the basis for the re-launch in January 2018. Spiegel Online was thus one of the first major publications to use Statamic.
Editors at Spiegel use the Statamic dashboard to post and maintain articles.

Statamic Partner Badge.

Official Statamic Partner

We specialise in Laravel and therefore also rely on Statamic. We are an official Statamic partner.

Quite deliberately, we do not offer any other CMS solutions.

We take care of your project from start to finish and ensure a smooth and successful process.

We want your project to be successful!
That's why our consultation is open, pragmatic and sincere - also about possible risks and problems.

Frequently asked questions

Is there still a question?

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What is Statamic?

Statamic is a content management system (CMS) based on the Laravel PHP framework. It was developed to make the creation and maintenance of content websites as simple and straightforward as possible. Statamic's intuitive interface makes content management easy, while the powerful caching system ensures that the website always loads quickly and reliably.


Statamic is based on Laravel

This makes it easy to extend and customise as needed. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, and has a large ecosystem of open source packages that can also be used with Statamic. This makes Statamic and Laravel great for solving individual challenges.

How safe is Statamic?

Statamic is a stable and mature system. It has been under development since 2012 and can be considered as secure as Laravel websites. Statamic has no known vulnerabilities and benefits from the security features of the Laravel framework. As part of the Laravel ecosystem, which has a very large and active open source community behind it, the features and also the security aspects are constantly being developed.

Unfortunately, when it comes to security, WordPress-based websites often fall behind. According to Sucuri Inc., a company specialising in website security, almost 96% of hacked websites use WordPress.

WordPress lives from its plug-ins. For users without specialist knowledge, however, it is impossible to judge whether a plug-in is trustworthy or even to classify it as "secure".

This makes Wordpress vulnerable. Most attacks are based on so-called SQL injections, which cannot occur with Statamic because it does not use a database.

The Statamic development team, on the other hand, maintains all the functions required for website creation; it requires virtually no plug-ins. Furthermore, Statamic is based on Laravel, currently the best PHP web framework.

Is Statamic fast?

Statamic can be used as a flat-file CMS or use a database for storage. The high speed is achieved by not using a database. Statamic stores the content in files and only plays out cached files during operation.

Wordpress uses a database to store its content. The website speed can also be negatively affected by plugins. A common phenomenon of Wordpress websites is the high number of plugins used to achieve a certain functionality. Often, this creates many redundancies to external scripts, which significantly increases loading times.
These problems can be circumvented very well in a Statamic and Laravel-based website.


Statamic offers an intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful control panel for managing content.
From text to graphics to videos, there is a content block for almost any content.

Statamic is not only user-friendly but can also be considered very developer-friendly. The system can be easily extended for individual functions.

Scope of functions

The most important argument for Statamic, however, is its proximity to Laravel. Statamic can be added to existing Laravel projects. Alternatively, Statamic can also be used independently.

Other important features of Statamic are:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful control panel for content management

  • A sophisticated media management for images and videos. A focus point can be set for images so that the relevant parts are always displayed.

  • Support for multilingual websites. Statamic itself is available in 7 different languages.

  • A fast and reliable caching system that ensures fast website loading times

  • With Antlers, Statamic offers a templating engine for easy creation of custom website designs. The Laravel templating engine Blade is also supported.

  • A robust user rights system to control access to different parts of the website

  • Developer-friendly: The system is highly customisable and can therefore be used in almost any scenario.

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Multilingual websites can be easily implemented with statamic. Statamic itself is available in 7 different languages. The "multi-site" feature can be used to deliver a website in different languages or to split pages across different domains.
WordPress is not multilingual by default, this is only possible via plug-ins.

Statamic and Wordpress in comparison

WordPress is the best-known and most widely used content management system in the world. Over 40% of all websites with a known CMS use WordPress. It is considered a popular and well-known standard solution. Why then switch to another system?

Statamic offers outstanding flexibility and adaptability through the clear separation of content and presentation levels.

On the other hand, WordPress offers a wide range of themes and plugins that allow easy customisation - without any knowledge of web development.

Statamic is thus aimed at developers who use it to implement individual functions around content-heavy themes. Wordpress is more interesting for those who follow a do-it-yourself approach.

Code quality and security issues with Wordpress

WordPress was developed as open source software in 2001. The multi-user version was released in 2005, which is also when the code was written. In order to enable the updateability of old WordPress installations as far as possible, only small-step updates to the system core are possible. This is why the Wordpress code is significantly outdated compared to more modern systems. However, due to the large number of available extensions, WordPress is one of the most comprehensive content management systems.

For which projects is Statamic suitable?

The very user-friendly and easy-to-use backend of Statamic invites even inexperienced users.
Statamic is therefore particularly suitable for small projects. Equally, it is suitable for projects that need to offer very individual solutions.

It facilitates automation, the integration of APIs and can be operated as a headless CMS.

Numerous companies already rely on Statamic and manage their websites with the Laravel CMS. One of the best-known users is the news magazine "DER SPIEGEL". This means that Statamic can definitely be considered a future-proof choice.

  1. Enterprise websites with complex requirements

  2. Company websites for medium-sized businesses

  3. Professional web publishing projects and editorial offices

  4. E-commerce projects

We specialise in the planning, development and operation of Statamic. We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation!

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