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Share secrets securely

Secure Sharing Tool: Securely share passwords and secrets

With the Secure Sharing Tool you can securely share passwords and secrets by creating a time-limited link to share. creating a time-limited link to share. Keep sensitive information out of your chat logs and emails.

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Share passwords and secrets securely

With the Secure Sharing Tool, you can share passwords and secrets securely by creating a temporary sharing link for your recipient instead of the secret. This way you can be sure that only the intended recipient has access to the information and that it remains confidential.

How does the Secure Sharing Tool work?

To share a password or secret information with the Secure Sharing Tool, enter your secret or password in the input field, select how often the secret may be accessed and click on the "Create Sharing Link" button.

You can copy the link you have created and pass it on. This way, your secret will no longer be stored in Whatsapp chat logs or similar.

If you also tell your recipient how often the secret may be retrieved, they can see if someone else has already opened the link.

When your recipient clicks on the link, the secret is retrieved and the secret's remaining display counter is reduced by one.

The link is valid for a maximum of 24 hours.Within the 24 hours, the secret can be called up according to the set total number.When the 24 hours have expired or the set number of calls has been reached, the link expires and the secret is deleted from the server.
After the link has expired, the recipient can no longer access the information.

Is my secret safe with you?

Yes, your secret is safe with us. We use modern encryption methods to ensure that your information is protected and only the intended recipient can access it.

The secrets are stored for a maximum of 24h and are not transferred to third parties.

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