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How we work

What we do

We develop future-proof software that gives companies independence and flexibility. In doing so, we rely on industry standards and sound advice.

How we work

Software that inspires starts with the user. With user-centred project management, we ensure that your new software remains relevant for a long time.


Enquiry (with NDA if necessary)

Contact us with your project requirements and we will assure you of confidentiality by possibly signing a non-disclosure agreement.


Free first consultation

We will have an initial discussion to understand your needs and give you an overview of our services, without being bound by any obligation.



Based on the requirements discussed, we prepare a detailed quotation with a clear scope of services and transparent costs.



After your approval, we officially start the project and define the next steps as well as the roles and responsibilities.


Umsetzung und laufende Abstimmungen

We implement your project and keep you regularly updated on progress to ensure that we fulfil your expectations.


Operation and support

Even after the project has been completed, we remain at your disposal to ensure that your software runs smoothly and provide you with technical support if required.

Projektmanagment: Jour Fixe Videocall.


Even with complex projects, we strive for efficiency and avoid excessive meetings.

Nevertheless, regular coordination is essential for us to ensure the quality of our work.

We rely on weekly to fortnightly jour fixes to coordinate requirements with our customers and ensure the success of the project.

It must be a match

Successful collaboration is based on mutual trust and open dialogue. We place great value on a collaborative relationship in which your needs and goals take centre stage. Through customised solutions and a clear focus on results, we strive to not only provide a service, but to actively support your business and promote your digital success.

Independence and trust

Our philosophy is based on a foundation of independence and trust. We do not keep our customers artificially tied to us, but guarantee unrestricted access to the source code and their own data. Through this transparency and openness, we create a trusting partnership that goes beyond mere service and accompanies your company into the digital future.


No, we do not develop apps for the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

If you want an app for internal use, we recommend using a Progressive Web App (PWA). These are easier and cheaper to maintain and offer almost the same range of functions as native apps.

We use a variety of technologies, depending on the specific requirements of the project. These mainly include Laravel, for backend development. For frontends, we use Livewire, Vue.js, Nuxt.Js, React.Js or Next.Js, among others.

Yes, we offer both maintenance packages and support to ensure that your webapp remains up-to-date and functional.

As a matter of course! We work closely with our customers and rely on regular feedback. Changes are possible during the development process, but can affect the time frame and costs.

Quality controls, code reviews, automated and manual tests and user feedback ensure that the software meets the defined standards.

Small Laravel projects (e.g. up to 100 users) can already be run on very small and inexpensive web servers. As a rule, such a server (also called a "bucket") can be booked for less than 20€ net per month.

Of course, these costs can increase if the project places special demands on the hardware. We will be happy to advise you on the specific case and make appropriate recommendations.

We rely on transparent communication and use tools like Slack, Trello or Jira to track the progress of the project and provide regular updates. For longer projects, we also use regular jours fixes to stay in dialogue.

The creation of an online platform takes several months, depending on the scope and complexity.

Simpler projects can be ready for use after 1-2 months, while more complex projects can take several months for planning, programming and testing.

During development, requirements may be added or dropped, which also affects the time planning.

Chris Wolf - Laravel Entwickler.

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Chris Wolf

Project manager

+49 (0) 228 - 76 36 75 50

We are aware of the importance of confidentiality in software projects. That's why we guarantee confidentiality from the very first email. Please feel free to fill out our non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Thank you, we received your message and will contact you as soon as possible.