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Efficient project management in software development

For on-time delivery and clear communication

Effizientes Projektmanagement in der Softwareentwicklung.

Clear milestones

Prioritisation of tasks: Focusing on deadline-critical milestones.

Budget control

Continuous monitoring: No unexpected budget overruns.

Risk minimisation

Proven best practices minimise risk in complex projects.

Project management is important

Software that inspires starts with the user. With user-centred project management, we ensure that your new software remains relevant for a long time.

Our approach

Our project management is based on transparent advice. We recommend the technology that best fits the desired goal. To do this, we look at all the decisive factors: Your goals, the time frame, the budget, the sustainability and the highest possible benefit.

The path to your new software solution:

  1. Planning: During our free initial consultation we first analyse how and whether we can help. We identify the most suitable measures from our range of services to achieve your desired results.

  2. Implementation & Control: In this phase we develop the new software. We present the current development status in regular meetings (1x per week or 1x per month, depending on the project). This guarantees efficient and targeted development.

  3. Conclusion: Depending on the project, we recommend testing with real users at an early stage. To do this, we start as early as possible in a test phase and then move on to live operation.

Webapp Planung in Jira (Gantt Chart).

>30 years of professional experience in the team

Jira boards for transparent communication

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Project management refers to the planning, monitoring and control of software projects. It involves the coordination of teams, resources and schedules to ensure that the software is delivered to a high quality within the specified budget and timeframe.

Project management ensures that software projects run efficiently and effectively. It helps to minimise risks, make optimal use of resources, monitor project progress and ensure that the end products meet stakeholder requirements.

Typically, the phases include: Requirements analysis and documentation, design and prototyping, implementation (coding), testing, deployment and maintenance (e.g. via support contract).

Agile software development is an approach in which development takes place in short cycles (sprints), with constant feedback from stakeholders to make adjustments throughout the project. We use parts of "agile" as well, because it has proven itself.

Quality controls, code reviews, automated and manual tests and user feedback ensure that the software meets the defined standards.

Yes, we offer both maintenance packages and support to ensure that your webapp remains up-to-date and functional.

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