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Connection of 3cx to Pipedrive CRM

Entrepreneur on the Phone.

What is 3cx?

3cx is a proven solution for telephone systems and VoIP. We connect 3cx to CRMs such as Hubspot or Pipedrive. This strengthens automation and saves valuable time.

3cx VoIP Call Software Logo.

The Problem

The previously existing integration of 3cx and Pipedrive is lost with 3cx v18.

Our client uses the 3cx telephone system and lost the transfer of the CallLog to Pipedrive when upgrading to 3cx v18. From now on, important phone calls had to be entered manually into the CRM system. This ties up valuable resources, is error-prone and expensive.

Connect 3cx with Pipedrive CRM

To solve this problem, an automatic transfer of the call logs from 3cx to Pipedrive was set up.

Since we have already digitised other business processes for our client before, this new task was integrated into the existing Laravel app. We are thus expanding the automation portfolio with another connection. In this way, we are increasing the nutzten at unchanged running costs.

The transfer of call logs to Pipedrive.

The Laravel app we developed retrieves the call logs from 3cx every 5 minutes and saves them for further processing.

In the second step, we match the telephone numbers to the customers in Pipedrive.

In the last step, we create an activity entry of the type "Call" in the respective contact in Pipedrive and fill it with the metadata such as the call duration and the call time.

3cx Call Logs as Activity in Pipedrive.
Chris Wolf - Gründer und Entwickler von Pretzels: Laravel Webentwicklungs Agentur.

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Project Manager

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