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Seamless conversion from Webflow to Shopify

Liquify: Webflow to Shopify Converter.

For our customer Halbstark, we have developed a converter that seamlessly converts complete Webflow projects into Shopify themes. Thanks to the integration of Github, the converter can publish the created themes directly in Shopify.

Halbstark GmbH
Halbstark is a design-driven web agency based in Stuttgart.
Project Duration:
10 Months
Laravel Laravel
GitHub GitHub
Shopify, Webflow.

With its intuitive user interface and focus on visual design, Webflow offers an impressive no-code tool for the creation of modern and interactive websites.

Shopify is a renowned e-commerce platform that makes it possible to operate modern and powerful web shops. Both platforms have their own advantages and are therefore often combined by developers and designers.

Shopify Liquid.

Shopify's template language "Liquid" is an important component of the e-commerce platform. It allows the user interface of the shop to be changed and customised.

By using Liquid, personalised content and adaptations can be created specifically for each customer or product.

Liquify Workflow: Webflow, Liquify, Github, Shopify.

The challenge

Our client, the web design agency Halbstark GmbH, was regularly confronted with this time-consuming and laborious process:

  1. Manual download of ZIP files from Webflow

  2. Manual upload to the previously used converter

  3. Manual download of the converted theme as a zip

  4. Manual backup of the shop settings in Shopify

  5. Manual upload of the converted theme to Shopify

  6. Manual restoration of the previously saved shop settings in Shopify

These constant steps impaired efficiency and increased the potential for errors - a media disruption in the digitalised process.

The solution

Liquify was created as a customised response to this challenge.

While the web-based converter seamlessly transforms the code from Webflow to Shopify, the newly developed Shopify app ensures that the converted theme is synchronised directly with the customer's Shopify shop without manual intervention.

The shop settings (settings.json) are also transferred and no longer need to be saved manually.

By eliminating the manual ZIP upload and download in Webflow and a converter and then Shopify, we have automated two critical parts of the workflow and optimised the entire process.

Automation & time saving

The previously necessary step of manual downloading and uploading has been completely eliminated, which significantly speeds up the daily work on a Webflow Shopify project.

Elimination of the media break

Direct synchronisation between Webflow and Shopify through our app ensures a smooth transition and prevents data loss and errors.

Higher profitability

Thanks to the increased efficiency, projects can now be realised more quickly, which leads to increased profitability for our customers.

Simplified work processes

Our solution not only saved time, but also significantly reduced the workload for developers and designers by avoiding repetitive, manual processes.