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Automation of data and business processes

Individual integrations for the customised digitalisation and automation of your business processes

Rarely can one tool solve all the problems. We connect the programmes that are important for your business to make your company faster and more competitive.

Data Pipeline, Automation of Business Case, Laravel Data processing.
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We offer individual interfaces for all industries.

Our portfolio includes, for example, the automatic synchronisation of address or product databases. With interfaces to online shops, marketing tools, logistics companies or enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), we automate process chains, starting with the first customer contact through to checkout and fulfilment.

With customised interfaces, we seamlessly connect CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce or Pipedrive to your systems.

Automations realised

  • Data synchronisation between various SaaS tools such as Mailchimp, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Bexio, Easybill, mite, Xentral, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, etc.

  • Integration of VoIP providers such as 3CX, sipgate or fonial. Synchronisation of call logs and mapping to existing contacts in CRM

  • Automation of workflows, e.g.:

    • On receipt of a new lead, put the lead on a mailing list

    • On receipt of a new order, notify this group of people

    • On receipt of a new email with this subject, start the following action

    • uvm.

  • Synchronisation of Shopify with ERP/merchandise management systems (Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Xentral, JTL)

  • Connection of payment providers (Stripe, Mollie, PayPal, PayPal Express, unzer ehem. Heidelpay, etc.)

  • Reading product data from PDF documents and automated import into databases/ERP (MySql, MariaDb, MongoDb)

  • Connection to Google services such as Google Maps, Google Merchant Center, Google Places API, etc.

    • Bulk update of Google Maps entries (descriptions, images, opening hours) via the Google Places API

Individuelle Integrationen

If different tools (shop systems, CRM, etc.) are to be connected, ready-made solutions quickly reach their limits. Not every tool or API is supported or the business logic cannot be mapped.

For this reason, we develop an individual interface solution that is specifically tailored to your systems and requirements. In doing so, we make sure that the new solution is expandable and durable. Every system that offers an API can be connected to other systems by us.

The new solution stands between all systems and can also execute business logic. For example, data can be automatically checked for completeness, merged from several data sources and passed on, etc. The possibilities are manifold and always oriented towards your business case. The possibilities are manifold and are always oriented towards your business case.

Custom data pipeline integration with Laravel.

Case studies on automation

What is possible?

Almost everything can be automated

If a business process is to be digitised or automated, the first thing to check is where "media breaks" occur and whether these can be circumvented, e.g. by using an API.

A media disruption is by definition an interruption in data processing that occurs because the medium of processing changes. For example, an electronically signed document can only be immediately and legally delivered to the recipient if it is faxed. The media break consists of printing out the document and placing it in a fax machine. The media break can be avoided by using a soft fax or, even better, by using digital signature solutions.

In a broader view, the "copy & paste" of customer data from one programme to another can already be regarded as a media break. This process is manual, error-prone and ties up resources.

The solution: API

Fortunately, almost all tools on the market also offer an interface, a so-called API. Once a programme has an API that allows us to access the data, we can automate almost any desired workflow and process the data in the meantime. This automates not only the data flow, but also your business processes.

Ready to start?

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