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Data Pipeline: From Brickowl Marketplace to Easybill


Megabricks GmbH
Megabricks is an internationally active distributor of terminal blocks.
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Data pipeline from Brickowl to Easybill

The problem

No existing solution for communication between Brickowl and Easybill.

Megabricks is a trader on the Brickowl marketplace and uses Easybill to manage orders and invoices. However, so far there is no solution to automatically import orders from Brickowl into Easybill. Megabricks therefore has to manually extract orders from Brickowl and enter them into Easybill. This manual process is time-consuming and error-prone. Therefore, an automated solution was sought that would allow the retrieval of orders from the Brickowl marketplace via API, the processing of the retrieved orders in a Laravel app and the import into Easybill via Easybill API through the Laravel app.

Our solution

To solve the problem, an automated solution based on Laravel was developed. This solution uses the API of Brickowl to retrieve orders and import them into Easybill. The orders are automatically processed and converted into the appropriate format for Easybill's API. The integration is done via REST APIs, which ensures smooth communication between the two systems.

The solution is designed for invisible operation, which means that no user interface is necessary. The processing of the data is done as an automatic data pipeline, which is monitored by Bugsnag. Bugsnag is a tool we use regularly for our projects to be informed about errors in live operation and to be able to react quickly.


By implementing the automated solution, Megabricks has been able to save time and resources as orders are now automatically imported from Brickowl into Easybill. The processing of orders is now efficient and error-free. In addition, the solution is scalable and can be expanded to support additional features and integrations as needed.