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Laravel is an incredibly powerful framework designed for the development of modern and scalable web applications. It offers numerous functions and tools that support developers in implementing complex projects quickly and efficiently.

Laravel has a clear and intuitive syntax that makes programming easier and improves the maintainability of the code base.

It also offers an extensive ecosystem with a variety of packages that extend the functionality of the application and speed up development.

Laravel is therefore the ideal choice for companies looking for fast and cost-effective development of modern web applications.


Small Laravel projects (e.g. up to 100 users) can already be run on very small and inexpensive web servers. As a rule, such a server (also called a "bucket") can be booked for less than 20€ net per month.

Of course, these costs can increase if the project places special demands on the hardware. We will be happy to advise you on the specific case and make appropriate recommendations.

In this case, "maintenance costs" refers to the annual updates of the Laravel version, any necessary update of the PHP version and the updating of dependencies (third-party packages).

When a project is under active development or support, the annual fixed costs are minimised because the updating of third-party packages is done during ongoing development.

Larger updates such as the Laravel major version update or a PHP version update can be completed within one person day for small to medium-sized projects (information without guarantee).



Statamic is an extremely powerful content management system (CMS) developed for modern web projects.

It features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for editors to create and manage content. It is also very flexible and offers developers numerous options for adapting the platform to the specific requirements of a project.

Statamic is based on Laravel and can be used standalone or added to an existing Laravel project.

This means that CMS functions can be quickly added to projects and the CMS can access the business logic of the project.

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