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Laravel was awarded "Global Grandiose

Chris Wolf

Chris Wolf

GitHub Universe Title Image.
Laravel is one of the most popular web frameworks around. It has a huge community consisting of developers from all over the world. Thanks to its open source nature it is incredibly versatile and stable.

Over the years, Laravel has received several awards, including being voted the most popular PHP framework in the SitePoint Survey in 2015, a strong indication of its quality and popularity among developers.

Laravel honored with "Global Grandiose" Award

Most recently, it received the "Global Grandiose" award at the Github Universe conference. This award specifically addresses the large community behind Laravel and the incredible impact they have on the framework.

Github uploaded the announcement of the awards on Youtube. Other awards went to:

  • Supabase, an open source alternative to Google's Firebase

  • Transformers, machine learning for JAX, PyTorch and TensorFlow

  • Kubernetes, a tool to automate management, scaling of containers (Docker)

  • Flowy, an open source alternative to

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